élan vital emotion

Exhibition Title: Élan Vital Emotion


Élan vital, a term coined by French philosopher Henri Bergson, means the force emanating from within life to unceasingly form a new self. The philosopher defined this “vital force” as the essence of life. The word "emotion" refers to the feeling or mood that arises in one's mind when one encounters a phenomenon or an event. The combination of the two words, élan vital and emotion, freshly creates the meaning of a feeling or mood that ripples through the mind at the very moment the force gushes forth from within life.


Through this exhibition, the artist intends to express and record the moments of élan vital, sometimes delicately and sometimes boldly, which only living beings can enjoy.   One's emotions much resemble the encounter of colors that face temperature and humidity, wind and light, and a series of connected circumstances. Perhaps it is not that the essence of life awakens emotions, but rather emotions evoke the vital impetus of life. 


It has been the artist’s intention that her experience with horses, as living beings, was represented as the notion of élan vital. This is because, from time immemorial, even before the development of human intellect, the power of horses, transcending through spirituality, has enabled human desire to soar freely. Looking through the exquisite eyes of the artist, viewers realize that the horse motif is not a mere object of observation, but a symbolic image of élan vital a representation of human and animal, nature and civilization, and myth and emotions at the present moment.


Arete horse 
A horse is a good-hearted animal that possesses both the energy of power and delicacy. Its sculptural appearance is the most beautiful among all animals and is the superior embodiment of Arete itself. 
A horse is timid and calm by nature, coexisting with humans as a companion through wars and life from the very beginning.

A horse’s sensory nerves can see and feel more than a human. Due to this, horses acted as a good source of energy, living as companions to humans before the development of machinery. 

 Kirin / 戰麟  
A fantasy beast known as Kirin is a divine creature that directed and served as a symbol of a way of life for past leaders.

Kirin is the leader of the most iconic benevolent creature group known as the Four Spirits (神獸) in oriental mythology, along with the dragon, phoenix, and turtle, which deliver hope, happiness, and success. Interestingly, the shapes of these creatures are never set due to their mythological origin, leaving them up to the imagination of past artists across generations.