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MBC Al Arabiya LIVE [ Dubai ]  

k-artist Son jinhyoung  22.7.2

Son Jinhyoung was invited to a live interview with MBC Al Arabiya Broadcasting Corporation, one of the largest broadcasting companies in Dubai.


MBC Al Arabiya LIVE Broadcasting  


Interview Summary   


1-Has Korean art begun to lead the Korean Wave strongly around the world following Korean dramas, movies, and K-pop?

The small but strong power of Korea creates something out of nothing, not a given legacy.

Koreans do not give up even in difficult circumstances. I'm overcoming it with passion for art and meticulous perfection.


2-Why do you focus on animals?

Personally, I went through difficulties and fell into horseback riding, and the words at that time comforted me a lot. With this opportunity, as I drew a horse, I was drawing a self-portrait of myself and the horse.


3-How long does it take to make a work and how different is it?

The time it takes to make a work is sometimes over a year, sometimes within a few weeks

The biggest reason is that the way my work is 

It's because it's not fixed and it goes through a process of overlapping layers.

4-What are you expressing through your paintings and art?

I tried to express the experience of horses with living creatures in Élan vital because even before intelligence developed from the beginning, the power of horses crossed the spiritual power and allowed humans to fly freely. 

I want to give you the belief that there is a special energy at the root of all the people who have the life to look at and appreciate my paintings.

2022 K- ART in Dubai [Sele K ted] / exhibition Group2 

2022. 6. 26 ~ 7. 22  Crystal Dome East, Nakheel Mall Rooftop Palm jumeirah, Dubai  Group2 son jinhyoung, Kim jongsook / GALLERYtheGRACE

please come visit us [SELEKTED KOREAN ART - Tales of Grandeur] exhibited at the Crystal Dome, Rooftop East of Nakheel Mall. to mysterious animals richly depicted in korean mythology in figures of horses, you will witness high - end korean artworks, especially over the beatiful sunset in the evenings. It is open to public from June 26 to July 22 throughout the week.  we will have a DOCENT TOUR with the artist from korea .

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