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Son Jinhyoung

Son graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in painting from Kookmin University (Seoul, South Korea) and a Master’s degree in painting from the General Graduate School of Hongik University (Seoul, South Korea).


she won a prize at the Young Artist Exhibition at Seongnam Arts Center, held a total of seven individual exhibitions, and participated in several group exhibitions in New York and Korea. 

she has participated in various international art fairs, including World Art Dubai, SCOPE Basel Miami, Miami Aqua Art Fair, Miami Collector Fair, and Art Busan.


she participated as an artist mentor in the “Dream Gream” scholarship program co-hosted by Hansung Motors, the official South Korea Mercedes-Benz importer, in collaboration with Korea Mecenat Association, and participated in the Dream Gream 10th anniversary group exhibition held at Seoul Arts Center in 2021. Having participated in the 2022 K—Art in Dubai exhibition,


she was featured in an article in Gulf Today, the first newspaper and credible media in the United Arab Emirates, and her works have been selected to be included in the personal collection of Abdulla Al-Mubarak, the King of Dubai.  The artist continues to actively engage in projects and various trendy collaborations


The artist aimed to express and record the moment of élan vital that only life can possess, sometimes delicately and sometimes boldly.
A person’s emotions are like temperature and humidity, wind and light, a connected chain of moments, and the meetings of colors facing all of these. Perhaps it is not that emotion is awakened with the essence of life, but that the power of the essence of life is awakened by the emotion.

The reason for expressing the interaction with a horse as élan vital is because a horse’s strength transcended spiritual power from the very beginning of life before the development of intellect and allowed human desires to fly freely. The project’s unique view of the motif isn’t limited to being a simple subject of observation; it is also the symbolized image of élan vital. This in itself is the emotion of human and beast, nature and civilization, and mythology and present.

RENASON [Son Jinhyoung]

2006 Kookmin University, Seoul, B.F.A

2019 Hongik University, Seoul, M.F.A



2021 (Elan vital Emotion) 7th Gallery Insa Art, Seoul

2019 (Arete horse 기린麒麟& Elan vital) 6th Gallery Insa Art, Seoul

2017 (Arete horse 기린麒麟& Live your fantasy) 5th Gallery Gana Art Space, Seoul

2016 (Arete horse 麒麟& Blooming horse) 4rd Gallery Ahsh Seorae, Seoul

2015 (Arete horse 麒麟 ) 3rd Gallery Ghana Insa Art Center, Seoul

2014 (Arete horse power dialectic) 2nd Gallery Ghana Insa Art Center, Seoul



2023 양주시립박물관 특별전, 양주

2023 강서아트리움 개관전 group , Seoul

2023 Momentum LINA GALLERY group, Seoul

2023 Artcooperation,Kempinski hotel GallerytheGRACE, dubai

2023 2Group ,Collabo collage gallery, Ulsan

2022 Grand hyatt , 아트시우 Gallery , Seoul

2022 K-Art in DUBAI, the grace and co, park hyatt dubai

2022 Nakheel Mall, the grace and co, dubai

2021 A dream of 10 year Group Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center

2021 ART JEJU ARTFAIR, Gallery 4 ,JEJU

2020 K.POP X K.ART SUPER KPA 11.27 kst, the grace and co

2019 Busan BEXCO Art busan art Fair, Busan

2018 Gallery WE "Horse" group teams of four, Seoul

2017 Gallery WE "視差適應" teams of two, Seoul

2016 AQUA MIAMI BEACH Art Fair Miami, USA

2016 SCOPE MIAMI BEACH Art Fair Miami, USA

2016 SOAF Art Fair COEX Seoul, Korea

2016 Gallery Doo Cheongdam 動物園 2016, Seoul

2016 Collaboration Art Shoes Exhibition,‘SIA & REKKEN Company’DDP Seoul

2015 Ahsh gallery homo Equus teams of two, Heyri

2015 Busan BEXCO Art busan art Fair, Busan

2015 Doors Art Fair Imperial Palace Seoul, Korea

2015 'chunseonchujeom'drawing group Ahsh Gallery, Heyri

2015 World Trade Center Dubai World Art Fair, Dubai

2015 Renaissance Gwanghwamun Chosun Ilbo Art Museum ,Seoul

2014 SELECT Miami Beach Art Fair Miami, USA

2014 Korea Women's Art Contest Capturing race Gallery La Mer, Seoul

2014 SPACE WOMB Gallery Group Exhibition 'dream catcher', New York

2014 SPACE WOMB Gallery Group Exhibition 'ABSTRACT FLOW', New York



2014 Korea Women Artists westernized part of the 24th Competition Special Award

2014 Young Artist Award winning fifth Seongnam

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