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élan vital emotion



2021.3.31~4.12  7회 손진형작가

갤러리 인사아트 기획전시     

2021 Exhibition Title: Élan Vital Emotion


Élan vital, a term coined by French philosopher Henri Bergson, means the force emanating from within life to unceasingly form a new self. The philosopher defined this “vital force” as the essence of life. The word "emotion" refers to the feeling or mood that arises in one's mind when one encounters a phenomenon or an event. The combination of the two words, élan vital and emotion, freshly creates the meaning of a feeling or mood that ripples through the mind at the very moment the force gushes forth from within life.


Through this exhibition, the artist intends to express and record the moments of élan vital, sometimes delicately and sometimes boldly, which only living beings can enjoy.   One's emotions much resemble the encounter of colors that face temperature and humidity, wind and light, and a series of connected circumstances. Perhaps it is not that the essence of life awakens emotions, but rather emotions evoke the vital impetus of life. 


It has been the artist’s intention that her experience with horses, as living beings, was represented as the notion of élan vital. This is because, from time immemorial, even before the development of human intellect, the power of horses, transcending through spirituality, has enabled human desire to soar freely. Looking through the exquisite eyes of the artist, viewers realize that the horse motif is not a mere object of observation, but a symbolic image of élan vital a representation of human and animal, nature and civilization, and myth and emotions at the present moment.

2021 RENASON ARTIST NOTE  Élan Vital Emotion 

Élan vital (엘랑비탈)의 의미를 보면 항상 새로운 자기를 형성하기 위해 생명 내부에서 분출되는 힘을 뜻하는 앙리 베르그송의 용어로 그는 이 힘을 생명의 본질로 규정하였다.  Emotion (이모션) 감정이란 단어는 ‘어떤 현상이나 사건을 접했을 때 사람의 마음에서 일어나는 느낌이나 기분’이라는 의미가 있다.

Élan vital Emotion 두 언어가 합쳐지면서 생명 내부에서 분출되는 순간에 마음에 일렁이는 느낌이나 기분’이라는 의미를 만들어 낸다.
이번 전시를 통해 생명만이 지닐 수 있는 엘랑비탈의 순간을 때로는 섬세하게, 때로는 과감하게 표현하고 기록하고자 하였다.

사람의 감정은 온도와 습도 , 바람과 빛 , 모든 연결된 일련의 상황, 이 모든 것에 마치 마주한 컬러의 만남과도 같다. 어쩌면 생명의 본질로써 감정을 일깨우는 것이 아닌 감정으로 생명의 본질적 힘을 불러일으키는 것일지 모른다.  그동안 말이라는 생명체와의 경험을 Élan vital로 표현하고자 하였다. 이는 말의 힘이 태초에 지성이 발달하기 이전부터 영적인 힘을 넘나들며 인간의 욕망을 자유롭게 날게 하였기때문이다. 작업에서 말이라는 모티프를 대하는 특별한 시선은 단순한 관찰의 대상이 아니라  Élan vital 의 상징화된 이미지이다.  그것은 그 자체로 인간과 동물, 자연과 문명 , 신화와 현재의 Emotion 이다.

The Shapes Shown In the Explosion and Flow of Colors 

Seon Young, Lee (Art critic) 미술과비평 + 손작가 작업영상

Jin  hyoung,  Son's  works are seemingly abstract paintings composed of unrestricted

lines  and  colors, but the shapes of a horse are latent like a picture puzzle. beautiful colors are scattered and spots and  lines are interacting.  [dreamer](2016),  indicating  the head  of  a  horse  composed  of  multicolored  stains and  lines  shows  the  process  that  the  author leaks her thinking metaphorized by a horse. Shape is the standard  for determining the freedom of formative  language.    "élanvital, which  became famous by Bergson includes  the meaning  of life and leap and is the philosophy of life that is against the mechanistic philosophy"   Evolutionism, which puts value on creation rather than adaptation, is a  paradigm that can  be shared with art. If the reproduction of sameness is labor and production, the repetition that makes a difference is playful activity. Art  requires creativity that produces room, even when one is placed in extremely limited situations.  What are discovered like that can be shared by all later.  In this sense, it is compared to the freedom that the innovation of technology can provide. 

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