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Élan vital
It is a term coined by Henri Bergson in his book Creative Evolution (1907).
The phrase “élan original de la vie,” the flight of the essence of life, signifies the continuous eruption of flowing life. It describes a power source driving a significant growth that exists at the bottom of evolutions and changes.

Material: Neural Noise
 “Neural noise” is defined as a randomized electrical signal that changes through nerves. It signifies an unconscious intuition or an unexplainable world.
The artist names the technique “neural noise,” a method in which the artist brings the transcending creativity made from a randomized electrical signal to a canvas existing in the real world.     
The neural noise technique is used to describe through imagery and visually define phenomena ambiguous due to their invisible nature, such as an interaction with a horse, a realization of transcendence, and imagination.
The artist’s unique neural noise characteristic in continuation from 2004 to the present results from his contemplation of the identity in painting. It forms a concept and aesthetic taste found only in the artist.

Arete horse 
A horse is a good-hearted animal that possesses both the energy of power and delicacy. Its sculptural appearance is the most beautiful among all animals and is the superior embodiment of Arete itself. 
A horse is timid and calm by nature, coexisting with humans as a companion through wars and life from the very beginning. A horse’s sensory nerves can see and feel more than a human. Due to this, horses acted as a good source of energy, living as companions to humans before the development of machinery. 


A fantasy beast known as Kirin is a divine creature that directed and served as a symbol of a way of life for past leaders. Kirin is the leader of the most iconic benevolent creature group known as the Four Spirits in oriental mythology, along with the dragon, phoenix, and turtle, which deliver hope, happiness, and success. Interestingly, the shapes of these creatures are never set due to their mythological origin, leaving them up to the imagination of past artists across generations. 

Élan vital
The form of a horse is the muse that offers inspiration, and it is the medium serving as the basis of the work projecting various images. The encounter with a horse filled with vitality helps one understand how anxiousness could be transmuted into positive energy. The warmth of the energy within a horse delicately reads a human being’s tired life and gives a harmoniously stabilized sense of unity. A horse’s tendency to gladly accompany people is similar to us engaging in roles and relationships as family and society members.

My unique perspective on treating a horse as a motif is not viewed in the way of observing a subject but as becoming a human itself to create another subject of amalgamation. 
Color is delicate emotion, experience, and form.


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