ELan vital

생명의 근원적 비약 (elan originel de la vie)이라고도 하는 말에서 

엘랑비탈 앙리 베르그송이 그의 저서 (창조적 진화) 1907에서 사용한 말​이다.




Delivering Life Energy in the Form of Horses

(Jun Hyong Son, Western Painting Artist)


Question 1.

Please tell us about yourself and your exhibition.

A, Hello, my name is Jin Hyong Son, and I strive to deliver life energy in the form of horses. For this exhibition, I tried to convey the underlying energy contained within all living creatures. To do that, I used different colors, expressions, and techniques to paint horses and communicate about the original source of life.

Question 2.

What does the title of the exhibition, ‘Élan vital’ mean? What it means is the importance of continuous creation of energy in order for life to continue its existence. Such energy should not come from an external source or some mechanical civilization, but instead through trained manifestation within living organisms themselves.

Question 3.

What is the purpose of your work? I create energy for myself through my works. I wanted my audience will feel the same way as they see my paintings, and be motivated to create positive energy for themselves.

Question 4.

Is there a special reason for using horses as your medium? I use horses as my motif because they are powerful creatures that human beings could control and trust in since long time ago. I believe they embraced and helped humans with their delicate senses, which allowed humanity to flourish with sensitivity and inspiration. Horses caused good energy and passion within humans, and I think that's why they ended up on so many different artists’ works, as muse and a friend.


Question 5.

How does your view on horses set you apart? The way I view horses is somewhat different because by using them in my art, I tried to fuse them with myself… …and the result of that is both human and animal, past and present, and nature and civilization. And through that, I freely and powerfully express what people should be thinking about while living in the current modern days.

So this means explosion of energy within through Élan vital, or leaping with that energy… And since I think about taking off as an artist, I wanted to deliver the first dimensional level of that energy. This work is also meant to help the audience understand what the rest of the exhibition is going to be about. It’s like a sketch to me.

Since works like this allows the viewers to approach other paintings with ease…

I always produce one piece of this series every year for my private exhibition. I believe my audience enjoys it.


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